Who is it for?

MascoTag is for your pet, whatever it may be: dog, cat, rabbit, etc.
With MascoTag you can also all the information organized relating to the care of your pet: medication, food, allergies, dates of vaccination and de-worming and even bring your medical records to (*) yourself or the vet who regularly attends your pet . Everything will be online either privately or publicly: you choose which information can be public and what is not

How does MascoTag work?

MascoTag is not easy to use, it's EXTREMELY easy! Buy your MascoTag on our website or through pet stores, veterinary clinics or animal welfare organizations (**). When you receive your medal wherever you are, go to our website and activate www.mascotag.us, completing your user information over your pet that you want to manage and preserve our portal. You yourself decide which data will be made ​​public and which private, this includes the contacts who will eventually want to find your pet.Now you can enjoy the tranquility of your pet! To learn more about how to use QR codes and MascoTag, see below...

When and where does it work?

When does it work? Always! At day, at night, on holidays, on vacation ... Thousands of people who love pets can help you reacquaint yourself with your best friend because of MascoTag.

Where does it work? It works anywhere:: in the city, in the countryside, at the beach ... Whatever site where someone has a smartphone, a tablet, a laptop, a PC with internet connection or a simple cell phone ... MascoTag works!

* Optional annual service payment. Contact us
** See the list of protective institutions where animals can get your MascoTag and will be collaborating with them with every purchase you make! Each day will be more partnerships and animal shelters join our idea!

How to Use a QR Code

The MascoTag medal bearing your pet brings printed a code that identifies it within our community . The QR code is similar to a barcode essence , and once read ( scanned ) it can be used to access information about your pet (only ones that you want to publish ) . That information will tell the person who read the QR code : How to contact you further care or special needs that your pet requires , allergies, etc.

The MascoTag code can be read by almost any current mobile phone including camera, you only need to open the application that allows you to read a QR code with the camera and point to the medal ( "tag" ) of the pet. You only need to make sure you a have good light condition (no reflections or shadows ) so that the cell can quickly read the code, returning the information and identification of your pet.

Apps to read a QR code

The QR code of the medal or pendant can be read with any QR code reader, but here we recommend some apps that read QR codes, according to the operating system used on your SmartPhone or smart phone:

Remember to avoid casting shadows on the medal contains the QR code and zoom in and zoom out slowly medal at the camera so that it can focus it properly. You can see some examples of common problems in reading the QR codes:

MascoTag identificación de mascotas

Picture is blurred

MascoTag identificación de mascotas

Reflections on the code

MascoTag identificación de mascotas

Too close to the camera

MascoTag identificación de mascotas

Very dark or ghost image