What is MascoTag?

MascoTag was born from a globally successful idea from a web application that works at your fingertips, among other services, a system of location and pet recovery based on QR codes.

Nobody will protect better your pet than you, but there are times when you may not be able to, then MascoTag arises like an excellent idea to protect your pet when you're not next to him. MascoTag is an identifier with a unique code printed on a metal tag (aluminum) for the necklace.

If your pet is lost, anyone with a SmartPhone mobile Internet connection may, by scanning or reading QR code printed on the tag, contact you directly or send a message that they found your best friend.

How to activate your MascoTag

  • 1

    Login to www.mascotag.us and register as a user and enter the information for your pet (if you already did before, you can skip this step.

  • 2

    To activate your MascoTag enter your e-mail and password (the same email you used for registration, and the password you chose).

  • 3

    Click on the "MascoTag Activation" option, then you can enter the code of your medal MascoTag and activation code. Then just verify the data.

Why should your pet use MascoTag?

We love pets, and we know what it means to be lost and not being able to know if they are all right, if someone found them, or suffered an accident, etc.. This is where MascoTag emerges as the most efficient, secure, and cheapest solution, and to increase to a high degree the chances of returning to meet with your pet.
A curious blend of technology and solidarity make up our system.
Part of responsible ownership, is making sure that your pet can return home if lost: give to your pet a medal identifying MascoTag because MascoTag accompanies, protects, recovers.

Qué es MascoTag?

Low Cost

If a pet is lost, getting it back is a complex and expensive task.
MascoTag is the best solution at minimal cost.

Qué es MascoTag?


MascoTag is not a decorative element, It's an identifier through which, the person who finds a lost pet can quickly contact the owner

Qué es MascoTag?

High durability

Made of aluminum and laser engraved, has a high resistance.
Designed to withstand the most mischievous pets!

Qué es MascoTag?


Data is safe, will only be visible to the public the data that you want to publish. If you want your data to be visible, anyone who finds your pet can contact us directly and we can let you know who found your pet.